Hey, you’ll need mUvbands for some of the stretches in our Online Stretch Programs.

Would you like to add them for free now?

Free with qualifying course purchases – This product is automatically with qualifying courses and/or training.

Our mUvBand Flexibility Strap 3 Pack ensures proper technique and safety, while improving flexibility and range of motion in some hard to stretch areas. Even the most flexible of dancers develop tension. The 3 Pack provides users with 6 different options all designed to release tension in hard to release areas.

  • Hip Flexors and Anterior Thigh
  • Outer Hip and Lateral Thigh
  • Deep 6 External Hip Rotators
  • Hamstrings
  • Inner Hip and Thigh
  • Shoulders and Chest
  • Lower, Mid and Upper Back

Product includes 3 easy-to-use mUvBand Flexibility Straps and our One Footed King Pigeon Flexibility Plan will automatically be added to your cart free of charge.

Each strap provides two different lengths:

  • Small / Blue – 15” and 7.5”
  • Medium / Light Gray – 18” and 9”
  • Large / Dark Gray – 21” and 10.5
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