Hip Flexibility and All Splits Program

Maximize flexibility, create healthy stretch habits and finally get flat in your splits?

Finally Get Flat In Your Splits and Improve Overall Hip Flexibility

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Who This Flexibility Program Is For

This program is for dancers who, despite their current stretch efforts, aren’t increasing their flexibility and mobility enough to reach their dance-specific goals, such as the splits. Keep up with the more flexible dancers, and meet the technical side of dance with ease. With this program, all dancers can increase their flexibility and finally get flat in their splits!

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**Excludes The Stretch Solution

I thought I was doomed to hover forever but finally got my (left side) front split thanks to mUvmethod’s All Splits Now Program. For those of you who need that little bit extra, or who seek a safe, sustainable flexibility program, this program is the real deal.


What’s Included in this Course

Online Access Includes:

  • Our highly effective 6-minute warm-up.
  • 3 stretch sequences delivered as continuous classes:
    • Open Hip Split Stretch Sequence
    • Closed Hip Split Stretch Sequence
    • Middle Split Stretch Sequences
  • 2 Bonus Hip Flexibility Stretch Sequences.
  • Plus our recommended weekly stretch schedule.


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$60 Value!

Designed to target all the muscles involved in achieving flat splits, resulting in beautiful lines in ALL of your splits! 


Get it NOW for only $130

(Valued at $190)


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Benefits of this Program

  • Stretch all muscles of the hips
  • Increase overall hip flexibility and mobility
  • Finally get flat in your splits
  • Improve core strength and control
  • Improve posture, balance and alignment
  • Decrease soreness and reduce risk of injury

Dance Specific Improvements

  • Grande Battement
  • Developpe
  • Tilt
  • Fan Kick
  • Arabesque
  • Penche
  • Lay Out
  • Saut De Chat
  • Grande Jete
  • Side Leap
  • Toe Touch
  • Cross Leap
  • Tilt Jump
  • Renverse
  • Firebird
  • Single Stag
  • Saute Split Jump
  • And More!

What Are You Waiting For?

Get it NOW for only $130

(Valued at $190)


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All my dancers, tumblers, and cheerleaders from age 6+ have benefited SO much and love the curriculum. It’s been a godsend in keeping them motivated and actually teaching them something new and exciting!

Definitely the missing piece of the puzzle for us as a studio / gym.

Charlotte Bromilow

I just want to let you know that we are still going strong and working on flexibly with your curriculum and have had so much success. In just a few short months, our dancers are really starting to show progress. I just want to thank you! We are so happy we came across your work to contribute to all the progress we have made in our studio.

Cacedee Conroy
C&C Dance Company

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve attempted the first part of the All Splits Program, and I already love it. I am the director of Municipal Ballet Co., a small Salt Lake City ballet company. I’ve started to try dancing for myself again (after many years away,) and decided to try to conquer my fear of the splits (and other feats of flexibility.) I really like your philosophy, and I’m excited to try it regularly! Thank you.

Sarah L.