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Our Most Popular Programs

Our Most Popular Programs

“I thought I was doomed to hoover forever but finally got my (left side) front split thanks to mUvmethod's All Splits Now Course.

This program is the real deal. ”


“After seeing the flexibility gap between our students participating in weekly mUvmethod classes and our students not participating in weekly classes, we knew we needed to adopt their Weekly Stretch Curriculum Studio Wide.”

Autumn Hewlett - Hi-light Dance Academy

“Stretch Academy has given me the tools and knowledge to safely, confidently and efficiently implement a stretch curriculum into my studio. This curriculum is effective, backed by science and the results are outstanding!

Highly recommend it. ”

Margarita Camera - Hype Danz Studio

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the approach to flexibility training in the dance world. And ensure all dancers have access to safe and effective warm-ups, stretches, and techniques in order to experience their greatest flexibility and mobility and reach the technical side of dance with ease!