Stretch Academy

Get Certified To Teach The Only Dance Conditioning Class of Its Kind.

Stretch Academy is a 6-week program that builds upon the principles, stretches, and techniques taught in our Level 1 Certification Program. In order to apply for Stretch Academy, you must first complete our Level 1 Certification Program. Get started today!

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Stretch Academy is for passionate instructors ready to become qualified educators. Based on real science, producing real results!

“Stretch Academy has given me the tools and knowledge to safely, confidently and efficiently implement a stretch curriculum into my studio. This curriculum is effective, backed by science and the results are outstanding! Highly recommend it!”

Margarita Camera
- Hype Danz Studio

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to:

  • Become an expert in the field of flexibility and how it relates to dance.
  • Take a deep dive into anatomy, the science of stretching, and how to deliver the most effective 60-minute dance conditioning class of its kind.
  • Understand the inner workings of dance-specific movements rather than continuing to “guess” what’s really going on in your students’ bodies!
  • Throw outdated and underdeveloped dance conditioning methods out the window and replace them with techniques and classes that actually work!

“Stretch Academy gives teachers in-depth anatomy knowledge to help them understand the science behind the stretch. GAME CHANGER!!!”

Kimberly Markus

“I have seen greater improvements in 4 months of implementing the program than I have seen in 2 years with other programs I have used.”

Sharise Parviz
Studio Sharise

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By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Gained a much greater understanding of the fundamentals of safe and effective stretching and how this specifically applies to the dance population.
  • Learned the safest and most effective forms of stretching for the dance population that not only increase flexibility and mobility but increase strength and stability too.
  • Learned 60+ stretches that target the 11 major muscle groups dancers need to stretch on a weekly basis.
  • Gained the knowledge you need to teach our 60-minute dance conditioning classes designed to:
    • Improve Deep Core Strength
    • Improve Posture and Alignment
    • Increase Flexibility and Mobility
    • Improve Balance and Turn out
    • Safely Deepen Backbends
    • Improve Muscle Activation
    • Decrease Pain and Risk of Injury

Students enrolled in Stretch Academy receive access to our comprehensive weekly class curriculums to ensure safe, effective, and easy implementation of our program. You see, at mUvmethod, we believe quality training is only half the equation; easy implementation is the other. With Stretch Academy, you get both!

What Sets Stretch Academy Apart?

You’ll receive Online Access to:

  • Level 2 Flexibility Training
  • All Splits Now Course
  • Training Turnout Course
  • Deeper Backbends BONUS Course
  • Anatomy and The Science of Stretching BONUS Course
  • ALL Flexibility e-Books

Retail Value of $870

Plus Weekly Guidance and Support through:

  • Weekly LIVE Q and A sessions
  • Live Zoom LV1 and LV2 classes
  • Live Practice Teaching Sessions
  • Weekly Assignments, Review Questions and Lesson Summaries
  • Live Anatomy session with the Institute of Human Anatomy

The Opportunity

Upon completion of Stretch Academy, you will be an expert in the field of flexibility and how it relates to dancers. You will be ready to deliver our up-to-date, safe, and effective weekly stretch curriculum for dancers, ages 5 and up. And you will have access to our Level 1 weekly class outlines for easy implementation.

Upon completion of Stretch Academy, you can begin working towards submission of your Level 2 Practical exam and Teacher Certification. Once Level 2 Certified, you will be approved to teach our FULL 60- minutes stretch and condition classes.


Teaching Application and Opportunities:

  • Updated Weekly Warm Ups and Stretch Sequences
  • Full mUvStretch Classes
  • Private, Semi-Private, and Small Group Sessions
  • mUvStretch Workshops and Trainings
  • In-Studio Trainings For Students and Staff

How this Course Works

This is an online training program that requires some time and effort on your end. It’s date-specific and done in real-time. It includes live classes, a private Facebook group, and access to me and the other trainers.

If you’re willing to set aside time each day for learning, studying, and implementing our program, you and your students will see results. Plus, you won’t do it alone. My team and I will be there to guide you along the way. Here’s how it works:

eLearning Platform:

eLearning Platform: Upon enrollment, you will receive access to our Level 2 Training, the online course we follow in the LV2 Certification Program. You will have lifetime access to this course via your mUvmethod account.

Private Facebook Group:

upon enrollment, you will receive access to our private Facebook group. This is a place to ask questions, get answers, find your daily assignments and connect with other students, myself, and my team! This has proven to be an invaluable resource and will definitely get you through the program. We check the Facebook group daily.

Live Training Sessions:

This training includes a weekly live Q and A along with full 60 minute mUvmethod classes hosted on Zoom. Exact dates and times are released 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

Home Study:

Upon enrollment, you will receive access to our comprehensive LV2 Study guide. If you follow the guide and commit to 1 hour of self-study a day, you will experience success in this program. Of course, if you miss a day, no big deal, simply double up the next day!

Bonus Courses:

Upon enrollment, you will gain access to two BONUS Courses. Our All Splits Now Program and our Training Turnout Program.

Affiliate Opportunities:

Upon completion of the training you are eligible to become an affiliate. Affiliates receive wholesale pricing on mUvBands and an affiliate link. Affiliates can share their link with anyone and receive a percentage of all programs or products they promote.

Certification and Promotional Materials:

Once certified you will receive a mUvmethod LV2 Certificate, be listed on our site as a certified LV2 instructor, and gain access to our branding guide

Success Stories

This program changed the way I practice and teach stretching. It is a perfect educational program for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and become an expert in the field of stretching for dancers of all ages and all backgrounds. It also contains a convenient stretch curriculum that you can start using right away.

Martina Gojkosek

I was looking for a consistent stretch program to implement throughout my studio to all levels. I just started teaching this curriculum to my advanced students and have already seen little adjustments turn into huge results. This has come from a new awareness of my students’ own bodies and new cues that I had never used in 25 years of teaching. Totally recommended!

Sarah Malcolm-Klassen

I just want to let you know that we are still going strong and working on flexibility with your curriculum and have had so much success. In just a few short months, our dancers are really starting to show progress. I just want to thank you! We are so happy we came across your work to contribute to all the progress we have made in our studio.

Cacedee Conroy
C&C Dance Company

I’m emailing you to tell you how much of an impact mUvmethod has had on my students during the lockdown. I am a Cheer & Dance Studio Owner in England with several international travel teams. Delivering the progressive curriculum over zoom during a long 4-month lockdown has been a game-changer for us!!!

All my dancers, tumblers, and cheerleaders from age 6+ have benefited SO much and love the curriculum. It’s been a godsend in keeping them motivated and actually teaching them something new and exciting!

Definitely the missing piece of the puzzle for us as a studio/gym.

Charlotte Bromilow

Since I started this program, I feel overall improvements in my body. I had a knee operation many years ago that affected my dance career. Because of my injury, I was constantly hesitant to push my dancers into deep stretches. I didn’t want anyone to become over-flexible and lose control of their ligaments. But now, with your program, I feel much more confident. I feel empowered and ready to pass on the knowledge because it’s backed by science and it doesn’t force dancers into positions that their bodies are not ready for. I am very pleased to have found mUvmethod and I cannot wait to start teaching the curriculum to all my dancers. Thank you for providing us with this incredible journey Christine!

Aretha Marquez
Stage Art Dance

What’s Inside?

25 lessons, covering the following topics:

  • Anatomy
  • The Science of Stretching
  • Why Warm Up
  • mUvStretch Guide
  • mUvStretch System
  • Cue and Sequences
  • Sample Stretch Sequences
  • Get Certified

Over 200 Videos, and here are some of our customers' favorites:

  • The Anatomy of the Spine
  • The Anatomy of the Hip
  • The Anatomy of the Shoulder Girdle
  • How To Approach Stretching
  • Why We Stretch in Neutral
  • And All 65+ instructional Stretch Videos


  • 10, 20 and 30 Minute Sample Stretch Sequences
  • Lesson Plans
  • Class Curriculums
  • Dance Specific Bonus Stretch Sequences

The Curriculum

Our online Teacher Training + Certification Program covers:

  • Anatomy: These lessons cover 4 systems: The skeletal, fascial, muscular, and nervous systems. They also cover the anatomy of the pelvis, spine, and shoulder girdle. The course defines what they are, their role in stretching, and how they impact flexibility, mobility, and overall range of motion.
  • The Science of Stretching: These lessons cover various types of stretching, stretch reflexes, and neuromuscular inhibition. They also include how to stretch for immediate and long-term success.
  • Why Warm Up: These lessons will address the importance and the benefits of proper warm-up, warm-up guidelines, as well as provide sample warm-up sequences.
  • mUvStretch Guide: These lessons cover how to approach stretching, neutral pelvic, and spinal placement along with 135+ instructional videos that cover the steps, placement, alignment, and modifications for 65+ stretches.
  • mUvStretch System: These lessons cover the 4 stage system that each mUvStretch class follows. Each stage is designed to take our students through stages of physical and mental progression.
  • Cue and Sequence: These lessons cover how to cue and sequence effective stretch classes. You will learn our 5 steps cueing system, various forms of cueing, along with our stretch guidelines and recommended stretch sequencing.
  • Sample Stretch Sequences and Weekly Class Curriculums: These lessons cover how to create effective stretch sequences. They address transitions and timing and provide sample stretch sequences to get you started in creating your own. They also provide 6 months of class outlines for dancers ages 5 and up.
  • Get Certified: This lesson will introduce the mUvStretch Certification process.


  • Anatomy and The Science of Stretching: This course covers the skeletal, fascial, muscular, and nervous systems, And breaks down the anatomy of the spine, shoulder girdle, and hips, including all muscles, and attachment sites.
  • Deeper Backbend Course: This program will safely deepen your dancer’s backbend by strengthening all the muscles that create a backbend and stretching all the areas that oppose one.

Total BONUS VALUE: $245

Satisfaction Guarenteed

We are so confident in our program that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We know that if you follow each lesson, and our proven step-by-step system that you and your students will see results

Of course, we will need to see that you have done the work in order to receive your full refund. We simply ask that you show us that you have completed all of the lessons along with the Study Guides.

If you have and you still aren’t satisfied with the program we will happily refund you!



I personally cannot wait for you and your dancers to experience the TOTAL TRANSFORMATION in flexibility, mobility, and strength waiting for you!

My friends, dance has evolved. It’s time to throw outdated and underdeveloped warm-ups and stretch curriculums out the window. And implement safe and effective ones that meet the NEW and GROWING demands of dance.

DO NOT let another week, month, or year pass by before you finally update your weekly warm-ups and stretch sequences, and turn what you are already doing; warming up and stretching– into something that produces greater results in LESS TIME with LESS OVERWHELM!

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