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At-Home Flexibility Program For Dancers

Turn What You’re Already Doing, Stretching– Into Something That Produces GREATER RESULTS In LESS TIME


Stretch and Conditioning Videos + Unlimited Online Access = Real Results

Dancers, are you ready to meet the technical side of dance with ease and efficiency? Do you want to safely maximize your flexibility and joint range while creating healthy and sustainable stretch habits? Then this program is for you.

Online Access Includes:

  • Full Stretch and Conditioning Videos
  • Designed To Do In 30 Minutes, Or Less
  • Weekly Stretch Schedule for Easy Implementation


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Designed to help you gain flexibility in your hips and hamstrings, resulting in flat splits!


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Stretch Curriculum for Your Age Group

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This program includes a highly effective weekly stretch curriculum for dancers.

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Ages 5 - 7


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Ages 14 and up


Benefits of this Program

  • Stretch all major muscle groups.
  • Increase overall flexibility and mobility.
  • Safely deepen your backbend
  • Finally, get flat in your splits.
  • Improve core strength and balance.

After seeing the flexibility gap between our students participating in weekly mUvmethod classes and our students not participating in weekly classes, we knew we needed to adopt their Weekly Stretch Curriculum Studio Wide

Autumn Hewlett
Hi-light Dance Academy

Who Is This For?

Our At-Home Weekly Stretch Curriculum is for dancers looking to meet all age-appropriate flexibility milestones necessary to move beyond limitations and reach their full potential. While decreasing pain and risk of injury.

It is for dancers frustrated that despite their current stretch efforts, aren’t increasing their flexibility and mobility enough to reach their dance specific goals. Or keep up with the more flexible dancers. Consequently, forcing you to “cheat,” in order to meet the technical side of dance.

And the results prove…

Christine, teaches so many stretches and postures that aren’t readily used in many dance classes and that take a different approach to the same stretches that have been around. They are so functional and great to add to your existing curriculum to vamp up your regular routine. Such a great training.

– Whitnee E.