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We Turn Passionate Instructors Into Knowledgeable Teachers.

At mUvmethod we offer two levels of certification, both created to empower dance educators with the knowledge they need to deliver safe and effective weekly warm-ups, stretch sequences, and 60 minutes strength and flexibility classes for dancers.


“Knowledge is power! mUvmethod certification provides teachers in depth anatomy knowledge to help them understand the science behind the stretch. Thank you mUvmethod – GAME CHANGER!!!”

Kimberly Markus
Studio C

We believe that it’s time to throw outdated and underdeveloped warm-ups, stretches and techniques out the window. And replace them with safe and effective ones that meet the NEW and GROWING demands of dance.


“I have seen greater improvements in 4 months implementing this program than I have seen in two years with other programs I have used.”

Sharise Parvis
Studio Sharise

Our mission is to change the approach to flexibility training in the dance world. And ensure all dancers have access to safe and effective warm-ups, stretches, and techniques in order to experience their greatest flexibility and mobility and reach the technical side of dance with ease!


“mUvmethod changed the way I practice and teach stretching. It is a perfect educational program for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and become an expert in the field of stretching for dancers of all ages and all backgrounds. All of it brought to you with a lot of love and support from Christine and her team”

Martina Gojkosek

Are you ready to join our team and become an expert in the field of flexibility training?

And gain access to the most comprehensive stretch curriculums for dancers?


Then enroll in our certification program TODAY!

mUvmethod Training Courses

The Stretch Solution

Level 1 Online Teacher Training
19 hour yoga alliance CEU’s


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Level 1 In-Studio Teacher Training

19 hr yoga alliance CEU’s

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Stretch Academy

Level 2 Online Teacher Training

Updated Level 2 coming SOON!

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About the founder

Christine Jones has spent the last two decades helping her students improve their flexibility, mobility and movement patterns.

Christine’s Credentials:

  • Former Dancer
  • Holds a BS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah.
  • Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor
  • Founder of Intermountain Pilates Training Center
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and E-RYT 500
  • Creator of the mUvStretch Curriculum
  • Presenter at Dance Teacher Summit
  • Advocate For Healthy Physical, Mental and Emotional Development of Dancers