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The All Splits and Deeper Backbends

Flexibility Bundle

The dynamic duo to get you flat you in your splits and deeper in your backbends!


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Who Is This Program For?

This program is for dancers who, despite their current stretch efforts, aren’t increasing their flexibility and mobility enough to reach their dance-specific goals, such as the splits and deep backbends. Together, these two programs will not only help you maximize your hip flexibility and finally get flat in your splits, but you will also deepen your backbend by stretching all the areas that are holding you back.  Keep up with the more flexible dancers, and meet the technical side of dance with ease.

Here’s the truth, many dancers aren’t being properly conditioned to execute the dance skills they’re being asked to do. Which isn’t fair to the dancer. Asking them to move into positions they haven’t properly conditioned for sets them up for frustration, pain, and an increased risk of injury. It’s time to ensure dancers are provided the right exercises and stretches to meet the new and growing demands of dance, and better execute all dance skills they are being asked to perform.

Honestly – I just started teaching the Scorpion stretches today with our minis and they make SO much sense. Definitely the missing piece of the puzzle for us as a studio/ gym.

Charlotte B.

What’s Included In This Course

Unlimited access to the following:

  • Hip Flexibility and All Splits Program
  • The Safe Way To A Deeper Backbend Program
  • Our 6 minute highly effective All Splits Warm-up 
  • 3 splits sequences delivered as easy to follow classes
  • 2 BONUS stretch sequences for hip flexibility
  • Our highly effective backbend specific warm-up
  • Beginning Scorpion and Needle Preparatory Stretch Sequence 
  • Intermediate Bridge Pose Variations Sequence
  • Advanced Scorpion and Needle Stretch Sequence
  • A step-by-step breakdown of all exercises and stretches in the programs
  • A downloadable weekly stretch schedule


3 FREE eBooks!

$60 Value!

Designed to target all the muscles involved with hip and back mobility and flexibility, resulting in flat splits and deeper backbends! 

Get it NOW for only $150

(Valued at $310)


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Benefits of This Program

  • Stretch all muscles of the hips
  • Increase overall hip flexibility and mobility
  • Improve core strength and control
  • Improve posture, balance and alignment
  • Increase shoulder flexibility and strength
  • Improve mid-back, and scapular mobility
  • Safely deepen your backbend
  • Decrease Pain and Risk of Injury
And most importantly, help YOU meet the technical side of dance with ease and efficiency!

Dance Specific Improvements

  • Arabesques
  • Penché
  • Developpes
  • Fan Kicks
  • Grande Battements
  • Saut de Chat
  • Grand Jete
  • Saute Split Jump
  • Firebird Leaps
  • Switch Arabesque Leap
  • Double Stag Leap
  • Single Stag/Calypso Leap
  • Bridge Pose
  • Back Walkovers
  • Front Aerials
  • Scorpion
  • Needle
  • Acro and More!

Get it NOW for only $150

(Valued at $310)

Enroll Today

Success Stories

I am a Cheer & Dance Studio owner in England with several international travel teams and delivering your curriculum over zoom during a long 4-month lockdown has been a game-changer for us!!! All my dancers, tumblers, and cheerleaders from age 6+ have benefited SO much and love the curriculum. It’s been a godsend in keeping them motivated and actually teaching them something new and exciting! 

Charlotte Bromilow

We are still going strong and working flexibly with your curriculum and have had so much success! I just want to thank you. We are happy we came across your work to contribute to all the progress we have made in our studio.

Cascade Conroy