mUv Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Private, semi-private, and small group sessions are a great way to customize your class and ensure you find success and reach your goals! Whether you’re looking to increase flexibility, strength, performance, and decrease pain or risk of injury, personal instruction is a great way to go. When you work with a certified mUvmethod instructor in a more concentrated environment, the instructor is able to help you experience the benefits of mUvmethod in a safe, personal way.

Why get personal instruction?

Private, semi-private, and small group sessions are designed to fill in possible gaps in your dance technique. And ensure you have the proper tools to meet the technically challenging aspects of dance with ease and efficiency free from pain and injury. Sessions can be booked live or via Zoom.

Private, semi-private, and small group sessions will train (or retrain) you in the following areas:

  • How to Find Proper Turnout
  • Psoas Work and Proper Hip Flexion
  • How To Find a Neutral Pelvis and Spine
  • Conditioning The Deep Core Stabilizers
  • Safe and Effective Stretch Techniques
  • How To Approach Stretching For Immediate and Long Term Success
  • Dance Specific Stretches and Stretch Sequences
  • Fulfilling The Proper Prerequisites For Success In Dance
  • Stress Management and Myofascial Release
  • And MORE…

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